Music, for me, is the closest thing to experiencing the essential nature of the cosmos, holding a pure magic that is endless in its expression and ephemeral in its manifestation… powerfully present in the moment, then gone, back into the silent void. It is truly a gift of the Universe and a joy to have as part of our human journey, to be able to express our souls and hearts and be understood by anyone, anywhere, at that level of being.

I am grateful to have been surrounded by music throughout my life, having been born into a musical family and raised listening to my Mom singing the many flavors of classical opera and musicals. Concurrently, my brothers and I were discovering the emerging wave of musical revolution as the ‘60s and ‘70s brought a plethora of innovation both creative and technical, passionate and ecstatic.

Having studied piano and music theory from 8 to 13 years old I immediately launched into the vast world of the guitar when my brother brought home a new Telecaster and an old, burned (literally) Twin Reverb amp, playing along with every album I could dare attempt to emulate from the likes of the Allman Brothers, Dave Mason, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel and others. An especially powerful influence in my early teens was the renegade genius of Frank Zappa who showed me that music could be both a phenomenally ecstatic good time and mind-boggling compositional inspiration. The immersion into Frank’s musical world helped to set a quest in me to seek a new expression in music as my primary motivation in the art. A quest both intimidating and compelling beyond words.

For years I explored the flavors of rock, jazz, celtic, Indian, Latin, new age, world and other musical styles, enjoying stints in bands where any one of these genres might be explored, mutated, synthesized and improvised.

Along the way I discovered a deep fondness for the utter beauty of a woman’s voice, to me the purest and most sensuous expression of the divine there is. Powerful, seductive, soothing, at times startling to tears, the voice of a woman stirs the currents of emotion like no other instrument, and I’ve always held an attraction to music from around the world that sings this voice.

Whenever I encounter new music, I’m always attracted first to the expression of the instruments, often taking a number of passes listening to a new song, riding the movements of the melody and harmony, before I fully tune into the lyrics. Eventually the words will surface with meaning and story, but the music will be the sea that my ear chooses to swim in or leap out of. This essential preference, combined with my love of the female voice, has drawn me to songs from cultures that are not sung in the English language, and others like Karl Jenkins Adiemus that transcend Earth language altogether.

It is for these reasons that I love creating music with Melanie. Her natural gift of transcendent lyrical expression combines the best of both worlds for me, bringing a very musical language and vocal journey into evocative musical landscapes. And her natural musicality offers a truly unique palette through which to paint this landscape. When I met Melanie and began to listen into her soul’s expression in music, the currents in me recognized a soul union both vastly new and thrilling, and eternally deep and familiar. As we began to play together, the recognition was instantly shared and effortlessly present. Soul stirring soul, calling forth that which lies just below the surface of our personalities where the music is created even before we consciously know it. Mystery of Souls is our offering from this place we all ultimately share in union.

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