LA Yoga Magazine say...

With this release, Melanie Hutton and Marshall Lefferts mean business and are out to move your soul and accompany you in the private confines of your sacred dreams. Haunted by the higher achievements of the spiritually-driven incantations of Vas, the moody temperament of the music has a rich percussive foundation and an appealing ear for attractive melodies...

Much of the music here is influenced by Middle Eastern traditions as well as a fair share of Celtic inspirations. The production of the album, done by the artists themselves, is perfect. Every plucked guitar string and vibration is beautifully recorded. This is a very surprising album that is laced with stirring instrumentals and saturated with talent that is put to good use. As a spin-off of a genre of world music that was mastered by Vas once upon a time, Hutton and Lefferts make a solid effort to blend Western and Eastern scales, instruments and spiritual paths with a sound that can’t be identified with any one path. This is music for the soul and as humbling as it is impressive, I like this album and recommend it...

A Multidimensional Album

This is a truly multi-dimensional album. One track will pick me up and carry me into vibrant, energizing dance. Another will transport me into a vision of lying under the shade of a desert palm, cool breeze on my face. Yet another will carry me deep within to a place of tranquility and peace. This album is a journey into the very essence of the human spirit. My favorite place to listen to it? Driving up the coast on a hot day with all the windows down! My wife also teaches dance, and finds the music really gets her classes moving.
- Toby E.

Heavenly Realms of Awareness

Cruising across the valley farmlands and coastal mountains of Central California on Highway 41 recently ....... experiencing the rich, intoxicating sounds and vibrations of Melanie Hutton and Marshall Lefferts new CD, Mystery of Souls .... I found myself transported into some heavenly realm of awareness, for which there were no words, only visions and feeling tones. Its such a joy to experience 2 accomplished individual artists as Melanie and Marshall come together to create a unique tapestry of musical masterpieces. Marshall's guitarwork and studio prowess shine in perfect compliment to Melanie's hammered dulcimer playing and haunting - almost channelled - vocal voicings. As in any good literature, prose or music, each time I escape into their inspired vision, I uncover more layers within the music - and perhaps within myself - to explore.
- David Powell

 "Mystery of Souls" An Exquisite Musical Journey
I have been listening to "Mystery of Souls" constantly since it arrived a week ago...what an expression of breathtaking musical beauty! This music takes one to the depths of heart and soul, calling forth both stillness and movement, subtlety and exuberant expression. While there are whispers of musical traditions present in their work, what Melanie and Marshall have created is completely unique, transcending any particular form into an ineffable expression of the Mystery that connects us all. Exquisite!
- Colette van Praag

A Triumphant Performance of Beauty
I can only begin by saying this is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard! I have recently become exposed to Montserrat Figueras whose performance on La Voix de l'emotion has been admired across the globe. Mystery of Souls is not only equally emotive, for me it is more accessible and musically more creative - it is a triumphant performance of beauty and intangible, ineffable eloquence worthy of the highest praise I can possibly
communicate to you. It transformed the mood of my children into a state of serenity I have rarely even seen. I can only imagine how it has and will affect everyone else who have been will be blessed enough to hear it. I will ensure that everyone I know is given a similar opportunity. I am honored to have had the chance to make this album a part of my life.
- Parker Cook

A Musical Magic Carpet Ride

As the listener enters the ethereal and amorphous world of Mystery of Souls, they are instantly transported on a musical magic carpet ride though invisible realms of the imagination and spirit. The duo's global soundscapes are both pleasing and imaginative, subtle and soaring, familiar and mysterious. My favorite track is Wazadi. In short, this is a CD that belongs in the collections of musical adventurers worldwide. I predict great things for Hutton, Lefferts and Mystery of Souls.....
- Jeff, New Paradigm World

Beautiful, rich, varied, uplifting, inspired music
This CD is awesome! Not like many albums where all the tracks sound the same. Each track here is distinctive with rich instrumentation from very talented artists and each is hauntingly beautiful. Makes me smile inside to listen.
- Wayne Marshall

"Pristine quintessence"
"Pristine quintessence" comes to me to describe this indescribably luscious and ecstatic chamber music of the soul. Thank you Marshall and Melanie for doing the work and following your bliss to musically midwife our exquisite Newness into form.
- Ani Ahava